Harvard Law School thinks small: Class Day features parade of mendacious moral midgets

Update:  Welcome Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs) readers!  She easily wins sentence of the day: “America’s finest young minds marinate in an unending toxic ooze of leftist poison.”

Update 2:  Welcome Prof. Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) readers!

Update 3:  Welcome Leslie Eastman (College Insurrection) readers!

Update 4: Welcome Louis Beckett (Ricochet) readers!

Update 5:  Welcome Nathan Harden (College Fix) readers!

(For those unfamiliar with our past work, we are Harvard Law School students dedicated to the candid examination of corruption and conflict of interest at the Law School, and of its long-standing practice of censoring and otherwise chilling  politically incorrect speech. For remarks by prominent bloggers about our work, consult Prof. William Jacobson (here and here), Prof. Glenn Reynolds (here and here), Dan Riehl, and Scott JohnsonDisclaimer: as we’ve repeatedly stated, ours is an informal group not recognized in any way either by Harvard Law School or by Harvard University, and our group has absolutely no connection to the apparently now-defunct Unbound — Harvard Journal of the Legal Left, whose editors last year worked with HLS administrators to censor our speech. It purports to be an online journal but today is no longer online.).

With Harvard Law School run by an administration which does not prioritize character — one plagued by corruption and conflict of interest, which squelches student criticism, and even thought crimes, with brutal efficiency — perhaps it comes as no surprise that the mass of students follows in step.  Next Tuesday, as usual this time of year, the administration will be boasting about how Harvard Law School “Thinks Big” (click on thumbnail for full-size image of the administration’s poster now up throughout the Law School):

2013ThinksBigLast year at commencement, we at Harvard Law Unbound urged administrators and students to “Think Bigger,” by helping hold Eric Holder (the Class Day speaker) accountable for the “Fast and Furious” scandal.

This year at commencement, we urge both members of the Harvard Law School community, and others interested in the state of legal education at Harvard, to consider how the past four graduating classes have been thinking small, through their selection of  mendacious moral midgets to speak on Class Day.  Rather than selecting speakers of sterling character who represent some of the best humanity has to offer, they have selected speakers of doubtful character who represent something decidedly different.

Like our poster campaign at last year’s commencement, this is a four-poster campaign, with a poster devoted to each of the past four Class Day speakers (including the speaker for Class Day  this year, next Wednesday, May 29).  They are (in reverse chronological order):  Jeffrey Toobin, 2013; Eric Holder, 2012; Alec Baldwin, 2011; and Samantha Power, 2010. Below are images of the posters now up throughout the Law School campus.  At the top of each image is a link to a html version of the poster documenting (through hyperlinks) the key facts.  We hope all who see the posters and who read this blog will learn something of value, and that this poster campaign will encourage the selection of more appropriate Class Day speakers in the future.

To view a poster, just click on the thumbnail for a full-size image, or else follow the hyperlink for a web-optimized version of the poster which includes the factual documentation.

POSTER # 1 — JEFFREY TOOBIN (facts documented here)

2003-Toobin-poster2POSTER # 2 — ERIC HOLDER (facts documented here)


POSTER # 3 — ALEC BALDWIN (facts documented here)


POSTER # 4 — SAMANTHA POWER (facts documented here)

2013-Power-poster[Note: This post, as  published this morning, incorrectly referenced Class Day as being “today,” instead of on May 29, as it was originally drafted for a May 29 poster campaign launch. We inadvertently failed to update it before launching this morning, four days before the original launch date.]

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13 Responses to Harvard Law School thinks small: Class Day features parade of mendacious moral midgets

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  2. Wonderin1 says:

    You NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY young people appear to be UNWILLING to drink the kool-aid! [LOL. Plez don’t EVER drink the kool-aid.] I’m here thanks to Atlas. You are SO brave. Prayers going up for all of you.

  3. man_in_tx says:

    Great work. Keep it up. Sen Ted Cruz is living proof that HLS graduates at least a few clear-thinking individuals of high character (despite their having to swim in the toxic marinade for three years).

  4. Katherine says:

    Stopping in to give my two cents thanks to warrior Pamela Geller @ Atlasshrugs.com –
    Never compromise your integrity. Speak the truth always and live a righteous life….nothing else matters in this very short life. Nothing.

    Good work by the way!

  5. One could say that the spawn of the gentry class are a bunch of lockstep little toddlers, except that toddlers have something between their legs.

  6. burkasrugly says:

    Thank you guys soooo much! You give me hope! I love Pamela Geller, the Superwoman of American Patriots, and I love you!

  7. soycaballero says:

    OH KIDS! REBELLIOUS, Free-Thinking Kids. Thank God that you are proving that a Harvard Law Degree need not be SYNONYMOUS with far-left, socialist, anti-Constitutional legal blindness!
    I am a “friend” of Pamela Geller’s. You do give us hope that even “ivy league scholars” can understand the most important issues of the day.

  8. Anthony Clay says:

    wow you are restoring my faith in humanity, i was in the service with a guy from harvard and he told me you were not all stepford wives and now its know its true, beautiful scathing articles

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  10. Bonnie Loranger says:

    Good for you. Finally critical thinking is back in Harvard. Good luck to you. It won’t be easy but worth it. Always worth it when you fight for the truth.

  11. R. Craigen says:

    Keep up the bold fight HLSIB! And to anyone else who visits here: it doesn’t stop at HLS. QUESTION THE NARRATIVE.

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  13. T. Hunley says:

    Truth is sunlight. Eyes used to the dark will squint for awhile, but many will yet open and seek to see. Let the sun shine!

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