Elizabeth Warren Wins Our Vote!

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Welcome to another academic year of blogging and postering from Harvard Law Unbound (HLU). For those unfamiliar with our work, we are members of the Harvard Law School community dedicated to the candid examination of corruption and conflict of interest at the Law School, and of its long-standing practice of censoring and otherwise chilling  politically incorrect speech. For remarks by prominent bloggers about our work, consult Prof. William Jacobson (here and here), Prof. Glenn Reynolds (here and here), Dan Riehl, and Scott Johnson.

(Disclaimer: as we’ve repeatedly stated, ours is an informal group not recognized in any way either by Harvard Law School or by Harvard University, and our group has absolutely no connection to Unbound:  Harvard Journal of the Legal Left.)

This blog post announces the results of the vote taken yesterday by the members of HLU. Inspired by Nick Gillespie’s blog post on famous “fake Indians” — and even more by John J. Miller’s 2006 National Review essay, “Honest Injun?” — we set out to determine, looking at all those who have been caught during the last century pretending to be of Native American ancestry, just who is the most egregious perpetrator of this particular type of fraud — in the vernacular, the most “dishonest injun.”

From a large number of initial candidates, we agreed on three qualifications necessary to make the final ballot. To be a finalist, someone must: (1) have no Native American ancestors; (2) have sought professional advancement via affirmative representations of Native American status; and (3) have asserted that status in at least one published book.

Below is our Letterman-style list of the five most “dishonest injuns,” arranged from lowest to highest total votes. By a wide margin, the two top vote-getters were the only  professors among the finalists.  We readily reached a consensus that their actions are especially dishonest because professors, given their high level of education, are especially aware of their legal and ethical obligation not to commit ethnic fraud for professional advancement.

We’re sad to report that one of our professors here at Harvard Law School, Elizabeth Warren, was the top vote-getter, narrowly beating out Ward Churchill, formerly of the University of Colorado at Boulder (after his status as a fake Indian was exposed, Churchill was fired in 2007 for academic misconduct).

As in the past, we have created a poster campaign in an effort to present the relevant information in concise and easily accessible form.  This is our first five-poster campaign. Images of all five posters appear below. Hyperlinks are provided so interested readers can readily check the sources on which we have relied.

On behalf of all members of the Harvard Law School community who would speak the truth but for the Law School’s climate of fear designed to chill politically incorrect speech, we register our shame that Elizabeth Warren continues to be a professor in good standing at the Law School, that she has not been sanctioned in any way for her long-running participation in academic fraud, and that the Law School has not even conducted an impartial investigation into the ample evidence of her wrongdoing. Hers is another stark example of the corruption (failure to hold insiders accountable) and conflict of interest (unwillingness to take prompt action that might hurt the Democrats’ hold on the U.S. Senate) which all too frequently manifest themselves at the heart of the current administration of Harvard Law School.

Biographical background on “Grey Owl” here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Biographical background on “Iron Eyes Cody” here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Biographical background on “Little Tree” here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Background biographical information on Ward Churchill here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Here, via hyperlinks, are the sources we relied on for each statement in our Elizabeth Warren poster:

# 1 Most Dishonest Injun
Elizabeth Warren, aka “Fauxcahontos”

1. Born (1949) and raised in Oklahoma City, named Elizabeth Herring. 100% white; all her ancestors are of Northern European extraction. None of her ancestors was a member of any tribe, and none even lived near  Native Americans. A great-great-great grandfather was a soldier who helped expel Cherokees from Tennessee in 1837.

2. As a recent law school graduate interested in teaching, by the early 1980s she reinvented herself as part Cherokee, taking advantage of law school affirmative action hiring programs. On this basis she was hired by the U. of Houston, U. Texas, U. Penn., and Harvard.

3. To help sell the fraud she listed herself as a Native American in various professional directories, as early as 1986. She authorized U. Penn. and Harvard to falsely report her as a Native American in filings with the federal government, violating federal law.  She identified herself as “Cherokee” in a 1984 Native American cookbook put out by her cousin. (Her recipes weren’t Cherokee; she copied them out of the New York Times.)

4. Fraud began to unravel in April, 2012, while she was running for a U.S. Senate seat. Though incontrovertibly an ethnic fraud, she still claims Cherokee descent based on a fabricated elopement story and a reference by her mother’s sister to “high cheekbones” running in the family, even though:  (a) she reported her mother’s sister as “White” (not “American Indian”) on the 1999 death certificate she signed; and (b) after exhaustive research, her own nephew was unable to “document any Native American ancestry.”

5. Has repeatedly refused to meet with Cherokee geneologists (or even send staff to meet) to address her ancestry claims. Unlike “# 3 Most Dishonest Injun” Asa (Ace) Earl Carter, to date no Harvard professor has come forward to defend Warren’s work as a “cultural impersonator.” Not even family members defend her. Nonetheless she remains a professor in good standing at Harvard Law School, which has not even conducted an impartial investigation into the ample evidence of her academic fraud.

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44 Responses to Elizabeth Warren Wins Our Vote!

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  2. thewerewife says:

    Dang! Why do these fraudsters always pick on the Cherokee? How come nobody claims to be Cheyenne, or Apache, or Pawnee? I’d like to be Pawnee if I were an Indian – it means “wolf” – but everyone else seems to fantasize about the Cherokee. Doesn’t that nation have a very extensive database of all recognized Cherokee families? Why choose what must then be one of the harder nations to fake your way into? I’ll never understand lefties.

    • David Pittelli says:

      It’s easy to get caught if you pretend to be a recognized member of the tribe, but very hard to prove you’re lying if you’re merely claiming to be Cherokee under a “one-drop” standard, as Warren was. (More below.)

    • John C. Randolph says:

      It’s because they’re peddling guilt, and other tribes can’t top the Trail of Tears.


  3. Robbins Mitchell says:

    Chief Crazy Whore shittum panties…makeum heap big stink…say “ancestors” hunt crabs with tomahawk…then serve with tomato/mayonnaise dressing to Duke of Windsor at La Pavilion in NYC….white eyes press oblivious to anachronisms…makeum own smoke screen signals….

  4. Zee-Man says:

    Er, guys and gals, Ward Churchill was not at CU Law. Just CU Boulder. Believe me, there are plenty of frauds (http://www.lawyersgunsmoneyblog.com/author/paul-campos) at CU Law, but Chruchill wasn’t ever one of them. Love the blog, though.

    • Thank you! We’ve corrected the mistake in text; the key for us is that both Churchill and Warren are professors; that Churchill is not a law professor is immaterial to us.

      For the record, the final sentence of paragraph 5 originally read: “We readily reached a consensus that their actions are especially dishonest because law professors, given their vocation, are especially aware of their legal and ethical obligation not to commit ethnic fraud for professional advancement.”

      The end of paragraph 6 originally read: “. . . narrowly beating out Ward Churchill, formerly of the University of Colorado School of Law (after his status as a fake Indian was exposed, Churchill was fired in 2007 for academic misconduct).”

      • martin says:

        Lawyers and students of law should aspire to precision on their use of language. There are some, very,very few lawyers who exhibit the sense of devoltion to justice at a very considerable sacrifice of self. This is what is a vocation. Do not allow lawyers to cloak themselves in a veil of righteousness. Like most doctors who are in the bizness of medicine, lawyers are in the bizness of money also. The profession izs not loveable or lovely. Those with a vocation stand out by their difference from the rat pack.

  5. Wombat1 says:

    I could care less whether Elizabeth Warren claims to be Grand Duchess Anastasia, Queen Liliuokalani, or the Klingon Thought Emperor (Empress, I suppose, but we mustn’t be gender bigoted). My question is why this blatant hack of the Leftocracy has been allowed to pose as a law professor for decades, rather than the propagandist that she really is

  6. Wombat1 says:

    P.S. What’s her Indian name? Princess Little Truth?

  7. Siroblio says:

    And yet, a whole pile of people will still vote for her lying self. Amazing

    • martin says:

      Your astonishment that someone might VOTE for this fraud is astonishing.More than one hundred million Americans vote for fraudulent postulators for state power over those poor saps who vote and are therefore complicitous in a fraud which purports to be ‘democracy’.

  8. DJ says:

    Obviously Warren tried to advance her career with bogus affirmative action cred. But HLS professors — most notably erstwhile conservative Charles Fried — claim that her ancestry never came up in hiring discussions. And he was Chair of the hiring committee, I believe. This at a time when HLS was under extreme pressure (to say the least) to hire “people of color.” So what gives? I find it hard to believe that Fried is just lying; why would he put himself out there like that, in service of a fraud? Another hypothesis is that other people cared about her race but didn’t tell Fried that was one of the reasons they wanted to hire Warren — despite her lackluster Rutgers degree. But could he really have been so in the dark about it? Or could it be that, despite Warren’s dishonest intentions — which were obviously fraudulent, as her stated rationale for checking the box is transparently false — no one at HLS noticed or cared about her race, only her sex? I find all these scenarios incredible but can’t think of anything else. What do you folks suppose is the case?

  9. BlogDog says:

    I hear they’re going to make a movie “The World’s Falsest Indian.” Maybe Anthony Hopkins could appear in it.

  10. Randal C says:

    #1Dishonest Injun bears striking resemblance to #5 Dishonest Injun. Coincidence?

  11. RDG says:

    Although the good people of Massachusetts couldn’t find their a** with both eyes open in broad daylight, let’s pray they do not elect commie Warren to any office. That she could even get enough signatures to get on the ballot is a beyond frightening comment about the folks in Massachusetts.

    • Nevetsch says:

      Don’t be so tough on us–35% of us will reliably vote conservative if we get a good candidate. There is a large group of unenrolled voters (independents–small i) who can be persuaded. Scott Brown will win and he is about as conservative as you can be in Mass and win because he will get the majority of independents.

      • Mark says:

        What’s frightening is that 45% will still vote for Warren. I live in New York and I know, first hand.

  12. David Pittelli says:

    Why are fake Indians usually Cherokee? I can think of a few reasons:
    1) The Cherokee were based in the East and were among the earliest tribes forced to move, and had among the longest of forced uprootings. It’s harder for anyone to know that you are a fake as a part Cherokee than if you claimed to belong to a more localized or more recently scattered tribe, or one which white people didn’t encounter until more recently.
    2) The Trail of Tears is perhaps the best-known story of injustice against Indians.
    3) If your aim is to identify with the oppressed, then the Cherokee are way up there, especially since they were, even 200+ years ago, seen as one of the “five civilized tribes” yet were horribly treated anyway. (Apache, for example, would be a more macho choice, given that tribe’s reputation for fierceness.)

  13. elkh1 says:

    Why are there so many fake Cherokees? Are they the only tribe that the pale faces heard of? There are a 1/2 Apache, 1/2 Cree + 1/2 Cherokee, and three whole Cherokees. Do the fakes discriminate against other tribes?

  14. ron nord says:

    Oh what lies we weave when first we deceive. Another Indian bites the dust and she had it all, Harvard Professor, Indian Princess, friend of another fraud in the White House, originator of the Marxist “Occupy” scam, she had it all but she had already reached the pinnacle of the “Peter Principle” and exceeded her incompetency.

  15. Neo says:

    I was trying to find an little known Native American tribe that has no records so I can embellish my resume and help by kids get grants to college by milking an obviously entropic system.

    • Rennied says:

      Then you want the “Menoshamemewhitey” tribe, I believe they lived mostly in the 56th state.

    • David Pittelli says:

      There are “unrecognized” tribes. (Unrecognized by the federal government, but sometimes recognized by a state.) Generally, I don’t think a tribe’s being unrecognized means the feds think its members are phony Indians, but rather that it has poor historical records, or is too small to count, or too small to hire the right lobbyists, especially if nearby recognized tribes are fighting its being recognized, so as to maintain their local monopoly on casino gambling. (This is one of the things that disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff was reportedly doing for his established Indian clients.) I don’t know whether a Native American can get the benefits of his minority status if he doesn’t belong to a recognized tribe.

  16. pyrophantus says:

    I think Fauxcahontas should be a member of the Pwnee tribe.

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  18. Henry Butler says:

    Great site…superb research…lotta guts here…keep it up.

  19. Hepcat says:

    Funny post at website No Oil for Pacifists.

    “Liz Warren’s Authentic Cherokee Gefilte Fish”


  20. Willy says:

    I claim membership to the Kickapoo tribe. Unlike these frauds, I’ve actually performed this service for my dog.

  21. snork says:

    Honorable mention: the fake speech attributed to Chief Seattle about the bison and the iron horses, and other things that didn’t exist in Seattle in the middle of the 19th venture. In that case, the Chief was real, but the tear-jerking environmental speech was bogus.

  22. tessa says:

    Can the students take any action against her? What student would ever respect her?

  23. Ken says:

    I went to school with people like Elizabeth Warrern. I’ve worked with them, and I’ve dined in their parlors. They cheated their way through school, used every advantage set aside for others for their own benefit, used their positions to keep others in their place, and have neither the intellect nor work ethic to serve in the lofty positions they hold. When they arrive in the positions of power they never acknowledge how they managed to attain such heights, and then set about ignoring the past as much as possible.

    They find themselves in the company of others who have cheated and worked the system, not done their homework, and have managed to maintain power through bullying tactics and obfuscation so the underlings won’t notice the emperor (or empress) has no clothes. They assume this is simply the way it’s always been done and feel neither guilt nor shame, just pride in that they managed to figure out the game. That is until they meet an actual achiever who put in the hard work to earn their position. They cannot match wits therefore they spin and attack. The cannot compete in the arena of ideas so they use lawfare and red tape to squelch other ideas.

    This is an appalling and frightening scenario because in truth many with their hands on the levers of power have not the intelligence nor temerity to do the job. We can see what this has led to with the current state of affairs globally. Evidently John Galt left ages ago and we are now stuck with a credentialed class of illegitimati.

  24. Leonard says:

    I have visted Legal Insurrection blog for a couple of years. That is how I came across your blog. I like the way this blog put lighter side of the election cycle in play. It does work so do not stop.

    Have a Nice Day!

  25. Mirra says:

    I was one of the people involved in the online investigation of Ward Churchill, which led to the discovery of his status as a non- Native American, among his many claims. This revelation did not lead to his university firing Churchill from his position as head of Native American Studies Program. Apparently, falsifying Native-American status did not give the University’s governing board enough legal evidence to oust him. What ended Churchill’s career was decisive proof of more than one instance of plagiarism and fraudulent research.

    • We’re aware of that (we carefully worded our post so as not to state that he was fired for ethnic fraud). Our impression is that UC didn’t want to place emphasis on the ethnic fraud because it didn’t want to admit that Churchill was an affirmative-action hire; specifically, it didn’t want to state that but for its impression that he was a Native American it never would have hired him, perhaps for fear that this would largely concede that it was basically employing a quota system under which minorities are hired even though their qualifications aren’t remotely comparable to those generally required. We’re hardly expert in this area, but our sense is that UC stayed away from the ethnic fraud, and focused on the other matters, for fairly complex legal reasons, not because it was condoning the ethnic fraud. Many thanks for your comment!

  26. Mirra says:

    I would agree, they went after the complaints which most academics would support, and avoided the controversial topic. If anyone is interested in looking at the history of an investigation that was initiated online before it went mainstream, the story began thus:
    Much of that investigation of Churchill was conducted by a group of six commenters on the lgf blog (yes I know the site has gone through a dramatic political reversal since that time), but the results of our investigation were eventually compiled at http://www.pirateballerina.com/index.php. I would like to note that this information broke on these blogs, before the Rocky Mountain News ran the story. For instance, one of the Pirateballerina contributers was a grad student who uncovered the story about the Hamilton professor’s complaints, interviewed him and published it. Again, this online report occurred before the story hit Fox or the MSM. The PB blog has continued an extensive research into one of the better scam artists of the last few decades. I am glad to see you have focused on the problem as well.

  27. jamesbbkk says:

    Iron Eyes became famous nationally in the ’60s or early ’70s I think in an ad where he is standing by a road and someone tosses a bag of trash out of a car followed by a zoom to a single one of his tears. It was for a – maybe the first – Federal anti-littering mass marketing campaign. That ad predated the invention (if that’s the appropriate word) of Earth Day. Maybe it was redeployed for Earth Day; not sure I’ve ever seen the Earth Day version. Thanks.

    • Our impression is that the “Crying Indian” image was associated with a “Keep America Beautiful” campaign that probably was separate from, or at least extended longer than, Earth Day celebrations. We were limited as far as space on the poster, so we simplified it a bit. Your mention of video is interesting — we may try to do a video compilation on “Iron Eyes,” and possibly some of the other “fake Indians.”

  28. PacRim Jim says:

    Paleface squaw speak with forked tongue.
    Heap bad medicine.

  29. constitution first says:

    Given the wide coverage of Limousine Lizzy’s Lies, her one-trick-pony campaign platform, you have to wonder about the mindset of the people who continue to place/leave her campaign posters in front of their houses.

    Are they really that stupid, or are they just such ideologues, they can no longer think for themselves?

  30. Patricia says:

    Great post. I didn’t know about the Crying Indian!

    As a dissertation editor though I must ask: “postering”? It’s either posting or posturing, right?

  31. John says:

    “their actions are especially dishonest because professors, given their high level of education, are especially aware of their legal and ethical obligation not to commit ethnic fraud for professional advancement.” Love the blog, but I have to take issue with this remark… really?

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